Shifting gear . . .

Even though there are still fewer than a thousand clicks on either m43 body, I’d already started to play favorites: the E-M1 II. For one thing, changing certain settings can be tedious for either camera, but the G95 requires more menu-diving.

Stands to reason, as it’s marketed to enthusiasts, whereas the Oly is a bit more sophisticated. One thing left to do was see how well OIS on the Panleica would fare without IBIS. In short: spectacularly! DXO even has corrections for this combo. And I swear the Panleica’s captures on the Oly are noticeably better than on the G95.

In case anyone’s wondering whether I plan to try the new Sigma 150-600mm L-mount, well, with the CL likely on its way out, almost certainly not. Unless . . . Leica comes up with a compact, full-frame L-mount body, like not much bigger than the CL. Unlikely, right? There’s your answer.

Anyway, with birding so quiet here, I see no need for any other critter gear changes until the world has some status changes. It was so sticky out this afternoon that neither myna nor even pigeon could be spotted! I do think I saw a tree chasing a dog, though, which—come to think of it—might have been a mirage . . . 😉

E-M1 II/Panleica 100-400mm