In motion . . .

With migration season starting up, I grabbed the Oly stuff and headed out to a newly-opened section at the far end of the nearby “park” where the bay runs into the strait. Not much for the critters to eat there yet, but one can hope.

First sign of life was a single Long-Tailed Shrike, whose ancestors used to live in some numbers in the area, but were crowded out by construction. They are among the more photogenic birds for feather details, and usually somewhat confiding and curious; but this one was understandably skittish.

The only ones I managed shots of were an adorable swallow and an oddly-plumaged White-Throated Kingfisher (both posted below).

The Oly gear, which has mostly done nothing but target shooting so far, focused quickly. But the finder is poorly-stabilized, especially so with the MC-14 attached, such that it throws off the nicely reactive spot metering, much in the same way that recent Sony bodies throw focus off. I imagine focus accuracy would suffer on this setup, too, when subject matter is more distant or smaller in the finder.

This may very well turn out to be a showstopper (translation: excuse to ditch and try something new) if it keeps happening. Weather permitting, it’ll get put it to the test again tomorrow.

One of the reasons I switched to m43 was to lighten the load. Now my wandering eyes see that the EOS R5 and the RF 100-500mm are a paltry two ounces (57g) heavier than the E-M1 II and 300mm f/4—with a relative reach of ~682mm compared to ~540mm for the Oly. The same RF lens with the EOS R actually weighs about an ounce less than the Oly!

Yup, sometimes the grass really is greener . . .

E-M1 II/300mm f/4 Pro/MC-14

E-M1 II/300mm f/4 Pro