Plus and minus . . .

Out with the R6 and 800mm this morning, sans filter and with hood finally, I could see a very noticeable difference in contrast in the bright sunshine. And even though it’s over a stop into diffraction territory with the 1.4X, it captures a respectable amount of detail (second shot below).

IQ-wise, and in moderate and better light, it makes a superb option for capturing critters in open areas where reach is necessary. MFD is not really a limitation, its worst trait being that AF is limited to the center third of the frame. This means eye AF can’t be used if a critter fills up more than two-thirds of the frame. That’s quite a luxury to spin as a complaint, though.

Afternoon with the Sony setup was quiet (and hot!). Part of me thinks to get an a9, and the reach junkie in me says I’d still use the crop sensor camera most of the time. Better to head out the door with the R6 anyway when it matters, methinks. Oh, Sigma, where’s the RF version of that great 150-600mm?

On the bright side, I guess I’m lucky to have only myself to argue with about the options . . .

R6/RF 800mm f11
R6/RF 800mm f11/RF 1.4X