Thinking too much . . .

Out with the 7D II, 100-400mm IS II + TC today, a modest sampling of critters made themselves available. Whereas the TC did well on target shooting, it left something to be desired with bird feathers today, typical of almost every zoom/TC combo. Knowing that it could have been adversely impacted by some lax technique on my part due to fatigue, I’ll give it another round or two before I pronounce judgement on it. Dim to moderate overcast skies elicited a bit of noise from the 7D II, obvious on backlit subjects, but really no worse than any current APS-C camera I’ve used, and better than many of them.

The good thing about putting the the lens on a capable crop sensor camera is that it’ll be long enough without the teleconverter for much of the kind of shooting I do. With the marketing lure of “new, improved” perpetually seeding the upgrade path, it felt a bit odd to be out with “old” gear—until it occurred to me that I shot for years with R lenses that were two and three decades old. In fact, one of the best M lenses I own, the 75mm ‘lux, is forty years old.

So far f/8 has not been an issue, but my gassy mind has already started to wander towards faster EF glass, foremost the 400mm DO II, which is the one remaining lens on my holy grail list that I’ve never owned. And considering the weight of a setup including that lens, I doubt that I ever will.

I think I’ve already done “just 200g more” as many times as I care to . . .

7D II/100-400mm IS II/EF 1.4X III
7D II/100-400mm IS II/EF 1.4X III