Canon strikes again . . .

A few years back when I was overseas to shoot mostly interiors and cityscapes, I saw a few interesting feathered friends I wanted to shoot. For some reason I had brought along a Canon crop sensor body as a backup, so a Canon telephoto made sense.

A shop I knew fairly well had a gray market 70-300mm IS USM II for a good price. It was also lightweight, so I grabbed a copy. What a great lens it turned out to be, not just for general telephoto, but decent with feather details, too.

So when I read a few months back that the RF 100-400mm was designed in a similar way, it looked like a good option. Stock is sparse here (everywhere, I suppose, due to the chip shortage), but I found one at a favorite shop. Although it was late afternoon in gloomy weather, I shot with it as I walked home.

Couldn’t really tell much in this weather, as you can see below; but I can confirm that it’s sharp across the frame. The amazing thing is that it’s only 6.5 inches long and weighs only a little over 600g! Even extended, it’s only 9.5″. And it works with extenders, something the EF 70-300mm didn’t do.

It’s amazing how even some of the consumer-level glass of the past few years outperforms a lot of the more expensive telephotos from a decade or more ago. All I can say to that is better late than never!

R6/RF 100-400mm IS USM