#19 . . .

Insane? Yes, certifiably.

Well, maybe not. If what I saw today is an indication, maybe this is finally a megapixel monster that will actually work well with the lens.

Most people acquire a lens or lenses for their camera. The 280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R is a lens for which one must select a camera. The R7 added to the arsenal earlier today is the nineteenth camera I’ve tried with the lens, and the first crop sensor body to look as though it might work.

It comes with a learning curve of sorts, as its peaking/magnification implementation could not possibly be more different than it is from that of the SL2, which I’ve gotten to like. Leica has always had that feature down pat. With the R7, my hit rate for critically accurate focus in good light today was a little over half. But with a couple of tweaks, I think I can eventually do as well with it as with the SL2.

The lure of ~530mm of relative reach at f/4 without a teleconverter was too much to resist. And with most of today’s shots in three-digit ISO, it looks as though my “same action” might actually get a different, better result this time. Time will tell, and with comfortable balance and handling, this setup’s learning curve might come with some rewarding images along the way.

R7/280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R