7D Mk. II on steroids . . .

None too eager to take an afternoon walk with the 2+ kilogram combination of EF 100-400, 1.4X, and RF-EF adapter attached to the R6 after an exhausting morning, I headed out with the 600mm f/11 and RF extender. I’ve heard much about its fantastic AF system, but no amount of hype could have prepared me for how good it actually is.

It latched onto a bird’s eye at 55-60 yards away. At f/16! And, yes, it was critically accurate.

No, it hasn’t made me rethink my choice of the EF zoom over the RF one. But even with the extender, relative reach of the EF zoom+1.4X is barely 500mm. It’ll be okay for garden birds and gloomy weather. However, the RF 800mm f/11 might be a good addition. As I recall, it’s a little bit better than the very good 600mm. The extender on the 600mm has IQ limitations that the 800mm doesn’t have.

Moving forward, there’s lots to consider. But, hey, at least I’m moving forward . . . 🤪

R6/600mm f11/RF Extender 1.4X . . . Masked Lapwings