90mm . . .

After a so-so experience with a 90mm Summicron-M APO a couple of years ago, probably mentioned on these pages previously, first choice for that FL this time around was a 90mm Elmarit-M. The copy I got appeared to be in great shape optically and cosmetically. But after shooting with it a bit, it was obvious that something had been tinkered with internally.

So I switched it for a 90mm f/2.4 Summarit, a brittle-sharp lens that would travel well. It’s an optical marvel, except for one thing: one has to be careful what textures one puts behind the subject when shooting wide open. Translation: bokeh sometimes sucks. And I kept seeing shots made with the ‘cron APO that looked really good, far more interesting than what I’d been able to get with the lens.

So I ditched the Summarit and got another ‘cron, this time a fairly newish copy. Maybe it’s the camera this time around; maybe it’s what I’ve learned in the interim; or maybe it’s just my imagination after shooting with it for only one outing. But I like what I see so far this time around.

Curious to see if I could focus it by RF, I didn’t bother with the Visoflex. I nailed a little over 80%, with the remainder being very near misses. If a shot really matters, though, I’ll probably use the Visoflex so I can see the exposure and focus transition when I’m shooting.

Oh, yeah, and the Visoflex keeps me from shooting while the lens cap is still on . . .

M10-R/90mm Summicron-M APO ASPH
M10-R/90mm Summicron-M APO ASPH