Shift . . .

A sign a lens may last in my arsenal is if I quickly move from testing it on known targets to chasing critters in the field. If nothing else, the Panleica 100-400mm has revived my interest in bird photography even at a time when it’s not an easy pursuit.

Good as the 90-280mm SL is, I brought home precious few frames of avian friends with it, fewer still that could have been captured by lesser lenses of greater focal length.

New direction? Well, shooting m43 again five or six years after I stopped using the format is surely a change, one that will likely see the addition of another long lens or two. But that’s probably about as far as it will go . . .

Asian Koel (female)
G95/Panleica 100-400mm

Pacific Swallow
G95/Panleica 100-400mm