A little short, yes . . .

. . . but what an all-arounder! The RF 100-400mm appears to lose nothing when the RF extender 1.4X is attached. Relative reach on the R6 isn’t quite enough for field birds, but the sharpness still gives a surprising amount of detail for a zoom, especially at this price point.

Out in the field for the first time in a few days, the seawall area had no critters, perhaps due to uninviting weather and air pollution. If I were a bird in transit, I’d fly out of this crap before stopping, too.

The good thing about this lens is that when feathered friends are in short supply, it can shoot tiny friends, too. Autofocus even with the extender is very fast, though it sometimes hunts with low contrast subject matter.

All in all, major bang for the buck!

R6/RF 100-400mm/RF Extender 1.4X
R6/RF 100-400mm/RF Extender 1.4X