A (mysterious) step forward . . .

Eager to see if ipad OS 16 might have support for the a7 IV, R7, and R10, I used my older ipad pro to download the latest public beta that was seeded last week. Figuring to air drop a few grayed-out raw files to ipad #2, I opened the Photos app on #1. As if by magic, the thumbnails were no longer grayed out. They also could be displayed full-size, apparently with the picture style I’d set in the camera.

Even stranger, three of my image processing apps had update badges. And, once updated, all could display the files that previously had to have batch thumbnail creation done by Raw Power. Still don’t know whether I can use that app to edit files shot on the a7 IV with non-native lenses like Sigma, but…I don’t need to know! Pixelmator and Affinity can now do the heavy lifting for both the Sony and the R7.

Out with the short glass on the Sony on an afternoon mostly too dark to chase critters, I shot a rather demanding target with the 35mm f/1.4 and was again astounded by the results. Wide open, it captured details in the corner of the frame that nothing shorter than 85mm has ever done before on that particular target. On top of it, it has a “look” about it that I like a lot.

I had a look at the APS-C Sigma 18-50mm on the a7 IV yesterday. It produces gorgeous 18mp files, and even isolates the subject beautifully wide open at the long end, making it a superb, lightweight wearable for times when I don’t need the primes.

Now I’m starting to sound like a Sigma fanboy . . . and might just be becoming one!

a7 IV/Sigma 20mm f2