Rob Benton is an avid outdoor and nature photography hobbyist who has resided in North Carolina, New York City, Honolulu, and Bangkok; and who presently calls Singapore home.

Among other subject matter, he enjoys photographing birds, dragonflies, butterflies, and landscapes. Rob especially enjoys observing the unique personalities of birds.

Rob views himself as a person who pushes a button on a device in the hope of preserving chosen instances of what he sees with his eyes. Believing that each person can truly control no more than his or her own actions, Rob practices conservation in daily life but has no public alignment with any sociopolitical causes.

Photographer Rob Benton has no presence on Facebook, Twitter, or any similar social media. As such, any text put forth by other persons of the same name may not be (mis)attributed to Rob.

Rob Benton currently uses Leica and Canon cameras and lenses.

Rob may be contacted by email at rob at robbenton dot com.