Adjusting . . .

Out with the a6400 and 200-600G on another amazingly sunny day, the camera performed no differently from yesterday with the changed setting. Animal AF is fair at finding a critter amid foliage if it’s not too far away. But nothing like the R6, which can outline a medium-sized bird’s eye from 50+ yards away.

The lens handles nicely, except that it’s very front-heavy with the control button a bit farther back than I’d like it. The camera’s biggest limitation so far is the 1/4000 top shutter speed. I have a feeling I’ll eventually need a body that can do 1/16000. For now, the easiest thing to do is ride the aperture.

Hard to tell whether heat shimmer affected AF on a couple of Brahminy Kites in flight, but all shots were off by a tiny bit, whereas the camera nailed the egrets perfectly. Here’s hoping for some overcast weather and closer critters so I can see how the lens does without the harsh shadows and light.

Reading about the a9, a few people claim it’s better than the R6. But when they describe AF, it sounds as though it’s not as good. And I don’t see how it could possibly be better . . .

a6400/200-600mm G
a6400/200-600mm G