All I want for . . .

. . . my hobby! What did you think I was gonna say?

With about 95% of my shooting time lately occupied by the 50mm and 80mm focal lengths, one might think there’s actually no need for anything else. But one option I’d be using frequently if I had one is a fast, relatively lightweight 135mm.

Sure, Sigma makes a spectacular one for L-mount. But its size and weight are impractical for me right now. A Zeiss APO-Sonnar could easily be adapted, but the one I had several years ago had focus slop. And as I recall, it wasn’t truly APO, either.

A slightly slower option, but one that would fit right in would be an R 135mm f/2.8, one of the few R lenses I’ve never owned or tried. That’ll probably end up being the choice, too. But finding one in really good condition without breaking the bank may be a challenge.

Until then . . . 50 and 80 will do. Happily so.

SL2/80mm Summilux-R