Answers . . .

. . . to questions I’ve asked myself:

  1. Sure, a 47 megapixel sensor is more than I need. But it was the only option for getting all the other features I prefer to have.
  2. The R6 was just fine. But it left me completely straddling two systems, this time without a specialty pursuit. Of course, it did have those pesky little quirks with “Single-Point AF” being more like “Large Blob AF,” and Canon’s platform-wide bug (for several years) for changing card slot assignment (without telling the photographer) whenever a card was removed while the battery was in the camera. Nope, it didn’t even have to be switched on.
  3. Let’s just say I’m taking an extended break from dedicated bird photography. Even with some faster long lens options in the L-mount family, the only zoom currently under consideration for the arsenal doesn’t go past 300mm—and can be focused manually.
  4. The current obsession is shallow depth-of-field photography, or anything that might distract me from it, like landscape, architorture, and maybe even a few six-legged friends. With luck and continued health, some subject matter outside the ant farm in the next year or two.

And for earlier today, still fascinated by what the 80mm ‘lux-R can do, on any kind of subject matter. Lots of work to do, though, to get the best out of it. And the work is the fun part.

SL2/80mm Summilux-R