Apples and better apples . . .

During the process of exploring and subsequently acquiring the R7 and R10, I looked at both the RF 18-45mm and the RF 18-150mm. Plastic mount, overpriced, I figured, and passed on the kit option for both cameras. But the R7 becoming an integral part of the arsenal forced me to take another look, since they’re the only AF options for RF-mount crop sensor.

Although I’ve never been much for stretchy do-it-all zooms (that usually do nothing well), the 18-150mm seemed as though it would be a more useful choice. When I tried a copy in a shop, I was surprised to see that the wide to middle distances actually looked good. The lens doesn’t resolve like an L lens, but whatever sharpness it has is consistent across the frame.

Looking at images that were not corrected for CA, it was a good bit better than most of the kit lenses I’ve sampled over the years. The long end isn’t as good, but it’s still decent. And the build seems fairly sturdy in spite of the plastic mount. So, added.

With no impetus to go bird-chasing the past few days, I had some time to directly compare the RF 100-400mm with the RF 100-500mm on the R7. My impression on the R5 was that there wasn’t much difference. On the R7, it’s another ballgame entirely.

As good as the RF 100-400mm is, especially for its affordability, there’s a clear difference between it and the RF 100-500mm, which resolves a good bit more fine detail. In the past I’ve run across other lenses that looked better on crop sensor than on full frame, so maybe this is one of those. Whatever the case, it’ll get a rest in the coming couple of weeks, and then go back to work shortly thereafter.

R7/EF 200mm f/2.8/EF 2X