Apples and . . . smaller apples . . .

Before I even had time to lament the heat that came with today’s bright sunshine, it had turned into near-dusk conditions with steady rain. Still, there was time to visit with a few critter friends and nitpick a bit with the gear.

Assuming the Sigma 100-400mm is a true 400mm FL at the long end, the Lumix would be closer to 280mm or maybe even less than that. The difference when aiming them both at the same target was surprising.

Still trying to figure out at what point AF goes south with the 100-400mm, I tried some things at various distances and got no consistent results. When focused manually, the lens has little contrast to generate peaking cues, but sharpness is really good.

Probably the biggest difference between the Sigma and the Lumix other than focal length is that focus-by-wire on the Lumix is good, but very poor on the Sigma. Too bad Lumix didn’t make the lens so that it could take an extender. So…left with a long lens that works best at middle and shorter distances; and a shorter telephoto that’s strongest at infinity!

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right . . .

SL2/Sigma 100-400mm