Had it not been enough that a Leica employee told me directly that there was no successor to the CL in the works, a clue might be that the CL’s firmware 4.1 update consisted of only “bug fixes.” Like, here, we fixed it, we’re done.

And just today I ran across an almost-sure sign on the local Leica website. If you see it, you’ll catch the portent immediately. That, and yesterday’s dim viewfinder (on the brightest setting) with a manual lens, prompted me to wonder which M I’d replace it with if I ditch it. Since the arrival of the M10-R, the CL has mostly sat idle in the dry cabinet. Still, I’m reluctant to ditch a camera that works well and still has almost a year and a half of warranty left.

It performed and handled well yesterday with the 180mm Telyt and 2X; whereas today’s outing with the M10-R and that lens combo was not as encouraging. With the lens combo, it has to be handled in such a way that shutter shock, minimal though it may be, saps fine details. I will eventually try the bare lens on the M10-R, but never again with the 2X. From 18mm to 135mm it’s a perfect camera, and I’m happy to leave it at that.

Back to speculating what might replace the CL, now that my R experiment has concluded . . . for the moment . . .

M10-R/75mm Summilux-M