Backpedalin’ . . .

The other day I mentioned having ruled out a D7500 for the 500mm PF because my old files showed AF accuracy to be poor. But right after I acquired the 500mm, having forgotten about those files at that moment, the D7500 was at the top of my list.

Trouble was, none of the stores I trust had any stock, which is what led me, roundabout, to the Z fc. Mind you, it’s quite a decent camera; it’s just that pro-level mirrorless cameras struggle to compete with lower-tier DSLR models when it comes to critter-chasing. Which means that entry-level mirrorless bodies don’t stand much of a chance.

Out this morning to scour some electronics department stores for a D3500, I found none. Word is that it’s sold out, with no more coming, all over the area. The D5600, with its articulating screen and flimsy construction, was in stock in one place, but kitted with a lens I didn’t want. Unappealing, anyway; one niggle, for me, with both bodies, is that EV adjustment cannot be enabled by the dedicated EV button when the camera is in M mode. Just plain weird.

Then I happened to spot an ad for a trusted shop that showed a discounted offering for the D7500. Maybe, I thought, the previous copy was just a bad apple. Then I considered the pluses: weather sealing, robust construction, dedicated buttons instead of menu-diving, AND……AF fine tune, though I hoped I wouldn’t need it.

To make a long story interminable, AF on this copy seems just fine so far. Heading into the field, setting up and adjusting as I made my way, the one thing I forgot to do was turn high ISO noise reduction off. The photos following lost some detail as a result, even though I had no idea it would have such a strong effect on raw files.

Fingers crossed for decent weather and available critters tomorrow . . .

D7500/500mm PF
D7500/500mm PF