Baptism by . . . water . . .

After another round of reading listings for 280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R copies that were either too beat-up, too overpriced, or both, I headed out this morning and grabbed a copy of the Sigma 150-600mm.

Dodgy weather couldn’t stop me from venturing out to some familiar turf to see how it would do. Moderate overcast, as in the first shot below, turned into a light rain with dusk-like light. And just as I was at the apex of a bridge, with close to half a mile down on either side, the bottom fell out of the sky.

The second shot below (a crop from about 5-600m away) was taken seconds before the deluge. With drains on the bridge built only into the vehicle lanes (“only poor people have to walk, anyway”) flowing water was shin-deep by the time I got to the last two flights of steps. Believe me, when one’s shoes get flooded, Goretex does as good of a job holding water in as it does keeping it out.

But camera and lens, with minimal benefit from my umbrella, tolerated quite a dousing with nary a hitch. To my delight, the setup nailed focus on every shot and got critically sharp images down to upper two-digit shutter speeds.

Let’s go find some birds tomorrow!

SL2-S/Sigma 150-600mm
SL2-S/Sigma 150-600mm