Bass-ackwards . . .

Out looking for a secondhand EF Extender 1.4X III yesterday, it so happened that a friend of the salesman I was talking to had just left a 2X III for consignment at another branch of the same store. Immediately the reach junkie in me took over, in spite of the fact that I’d read that the 1.4X is great on the 200mm, the 2X not so much so.

A slightly tedious subway journey to the outskirts of the city secured it, and absence of rain (mostly) in otherwise gloomy weather this afternoon afforded a chance to see if f/5.6 would make any difference. It was surprising in a good way to see that wide open there was no veiling flare on contrasting edges. Too, the sharpness of the lens appears to be almost bottomless.

But it’s clearly not an APO lens. Fortunately that’s one of the things that DPP Express can do well: remove CA. That done, the combo appears to be superior to the RF 100-400mm that’s been my mainstay for some time now, in terms of both native contrast and color subtleties.

It did a competent job of capturing feather details in poor light. Even better, ISO ranged from upper three digits to mid-four digits while shooting at least 1/1000. I’m curious to see what it does with feather detail in good light. And with various other subject matter.

Dunno whether I’ve ended up with a fast 200mm that can be doubled to to bird duty, or a moderate 400mm that can be halved for a variety of uses. Whatever the case, it’s a nice alternative that already has me wondering if it can rescue the a7 IV with the help of a Sigma MC-11. Yep, one thing always leads to another!

R5/EF 200mm f2.8/EF 2X III
R5/EF 200mm f2.8/EF 2X III