Be careful what you ask for . . .

My lament about heavy overcast skies while shooting in a new park the other day got a response. With a lesson. The next day had better light, but was almost uncomfortably warm and humid. And yesterday afternoon was filled with sunshine, along with a temperature that made even the youngest and most energetic seek shade.

No longer being among the foregoing demographic, I kept mostly near the aircon and didn’t shoot critters. Experience says they’re much like I am anyway, seeking cooler spots in hot weather. Hopefully some middle ground will afford me more time in the new park before I head back to postage-stamp land midweek. It looks promising as a potential bird haven, provided local authorities can keep the crows from taking over.

The most interesting shot so far, though, came from the walk back. Unusual-sounding screeching from a tree in the area got my attention, and when I managed to spot the bird (below), it was equally unusual. It appeared to be a Rock Parakeet, although I welcome correction if it’s not. Whether it’s an escapee or very possibly a free-ranging pet, I don’t know. But being native to South America, I’m pretty sure it didn’t just fly in for the day.

R5/RF 100-400mm/RF 1.4X
R5/EF 135mm f2