Bit by bit . . .

The last piece of the core lenses puzzle fell into place today when I managed to find a 35mm Summilux-TL. This one wasn’t as ridiculously low as the other two, but still a solid bargain. If an 18mm Elmarit happens along at a crazy price, I’ll grab it, but it’s not a necessity. Beyond that, alliance partners’ options can cover any peripheral needs.

The camera side of the puzzle isn’t as easy to solve. Naturally gravitating towards the TL2 and CL in my search, I’m seeing that the TL2 is both available and a bargain at known retailers in other parts of the planet. But the one new piece I saw here today is still priced near full retail. It’s amazing with the ILC market so slow, especially for camera with a quirky design that’s going on six years old. But with tourism in full swing, maybe the shopkeeper thinks he’ll encounter a fool; and maybe he’s right.

Grey market S5 copies are available here for less than what a secondhand CL typically sells for, but I think I’ll wing it without an L-mount backup before considering a second go ’round with that camera.

The images I’m getting as I shoot familiar subject matter are extremely satisfying. That said, just a few days ago I was blissfully happy with my M glass setup, and then along came the L-mount offers I couldn’t refuse.

Sure would be nice if Sigma would surprise us all with that full-frame Foveon . . .

SL2/35mm Summilux-TL