Brand disloyalty . . .

The R6 accompanied me on some morning errands yesterday, along with the RF 85mm f/2. Dunno why I like traditional portrait-FL lenses so much, as I almost never have a chance to do portraits. But I did have a chance to shoot roughly the same scene I used to compare the 75mm ‘lux and 90mm ‘cron ASPH a few days back. So here they are, posted below.

As big a Leica fan as anyone who follows these pages knows me to be, it’s just as obvious that I don’t diss the other brands (well, except for recent Nikon stuff). Nor do I think somebody shooting something else is any less “serious” about their hobby. For when it counts, I choose whatever brand I believe can do the best for the particular application.

And yesterday just happened to be a day I wanted autofocus . . . 🤪

M10-R/90mm Summicron ASPH
R6/RF 85mm f2