Break time . . .

With a chance to shoot some street for the first time in the past two and a half years, I’ve been doing just that in a favorite city, my home away from home.

It’s also afforded a chance to work with a couple of the short RF lenses that I don’t otherwise use much, the 16mm and the 35mm f/1.8. Other than heinous barrel distortion which DPP corrects fairly well, the 16mm has fantastic color and very good sharpness. It’s been a pleasant surprise, especially for its modest price point. The 35mm does about as expected, and hasn’t seen a huge amount of use so far. The upcoming 24mm f/1.8 should complete the necessities once it’s released.

The superstar so far, though, has been the “elderly” EF 135mm f/2, reminding me of the good ol’ days when lenses didn’t rely so much on software corrections. Color and sharpness wide open are amazing, and this has left me considering adding to the arsenal the EF 200mm f/2.8, which was also recommended by a friend whose opinions I hold in great esteem. It’s shown as “discontinued” almost everywhere, no longer even listed among the discontinued products on one country’s Canon website. Unlike the 135mm, an older copy that I bought used for a song because I wasn’t sure I’d use it much, I think I want to source a new copy for the 200mm.

Once I’m back in postage-stamp land, the a7 IV will likely get moved to the outbox. No idea what might replace it, but it’s not getting any use, having served in a mediocre manner with my MF lenses due to ambiguous focus peaking cues, a problem that has popped up on a few Sony bodies I’ve used over the years.

But for now, time to just point and shoot . . . and enjoy!

R5/EF 135mm f/2
R5/RF 135mm f2