Call of the sirens . . .

The notion of another copy of the 280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R won’t leave my mind. It didn’t help that light was not good this afternoon, sending the ISO into five digits much of the time. With the SL2, just the lens alone without teleconverter would have been useful for some of today’s shots. F/4 would have been a godsend.

The drawbacks present themselves: the need for an R-Adapter-L due to the throat of the R-M and M-L combo affecting light transmission in some instances; the need for a 1.4X; and the probable need—eventually—for a tripod.

Worst of all, the inertia of the lens has caused many copies I’ve seen to age less well than other R glass. Still, if one happens to appear and it’s in good shape, I’ll be helpless to resist it. It’s like one of its best-known users wrote in an online forum many years ago, albeit in far more colorful language than mine: the lens is addictive!

SL2/180mm APO-Elmarit-R/APO 2X