“Can’t” = “must” . . .

With over a week of practice focusing by rangefinder, I decided it was time to . . . put the Visoflex back on the camera. No, not by any means giving up on rangefinder, rather comfortable with it at most focal lengths. Except 135mm, which was the object of an outing for the purpose of trying more than a couple of shots with magnification and no peaking.

The short of it: I nailed every shot. This lens is a bit like the R 280mm f/4 APO: sharpness and detail are amazing until you discover that with a bit more concentration and effort, it gets even better! Same with the 135mm.

Back to pushing gear in the afternoon, putting the “FLE” designation to the test by adding a 10mm OUFRO to the 35mm Summilux. It goes to a little better than 1:3 with maybe four or five inches of working distance. A 100% crop is posted below, mundane unless you understand that the critter is about the size of the nail on your little finger. No one-trick pony, this lens!

Let’s see . . . a fifty-plus year old extension tube between a current camera and a current lens . . . part of the beauty of Leica.

M10-R/35mm Summilux FLE/OUFRO (16469)