Captivated . . .

With better shooting conditions this afternoon I managed to run across several different critter friends. The 350mm Telyt-R was bright enough to shoot under fairly dim canopy, mostly at ISO 800 and without going over ISO 1600. I’m shooting it mostly at f/5.6, which leaves me half a stop to spare if I need more speed and half a stop up if I want a barely perceptible change to maximum crispness.

A same-year copy of the 250mm f/4 Telyt-R v. 2 has been secured and should be on its way to me after the public holiday in the U.S. That’ll give me (with extender) a fairly portable 500mm f/8 on the SL2-S, and, assuming it’s bright enough, a hand-holdable roughly 750mm AOV on the CL for use in open spaces.

I’ve yet to see anything close to impressive feather details with the 350mm, but the other characteristics of the way it renders are to die for, they’re so good. For when I want minute details, I have the APO glass; and for a mix of both, there’s the Sigma.

In good space gear-wise at the moment . . .

CL/350mm f/4.8 Telyt-R
CL/350mm f/4.8 Telyt-R