Caught . . .

Out on the same walking path as yesterday, with the same lens combo, this time mounted on the SL2-S, the crisp edges of fine details I got made me realize that (1) there’s definitely some fine focus error using this combo on the CL, and (2) there’s also a bit of shake, even at good shutter speeds.

It’s probably something that only an extreme pixel-peeper like me would notice, but it would surely impact critter shots, especially on birds farther afield. As far as the lens and especially the APO-Extender, I am elated, especially to have such a good copy of the extender.

. . . all of which leaves me in a confounding situation. The combo is long enough on the CL, but there I need glass with OIS and preferably with analog manual focus. The combo is well-steadied by IBIS on the SL2-S, but there I need longer glass! In either case choices are severely limited. I’ve been over and over them in my head and on these pages ad nauseam.

. . . which means most any solution involves compromise. Or just making the best of this too-short focal length. Which is also a compromise . . .

SL2-S/18-56mm TL
SL2-S/18-56mm TL