Changes on the horizon . . .

Out with the M9 again for an extended stroll in a real park (for a change), I realized that I haven’t shot the M10-R since I got it. It very quickly stole the diopter off the M10-R, and more recently filched the Benz strap.

No regrets, as this sensor not only gives SOOC raw files that are great, even the ones that need to be worked respond much better to the light-related sliders in C1 than do files from the M10-R. The M9 has helped me to see the 35mm FLE as an artistic tool rather than just a marvel of design and engineering. And it paired extremely well with the 24mm Elmar-M this afternoon.

Yesterday’s shots with the 90mm APO compared with today’s with the 75 ‘lux were an eye-opener as well. Never truly Leica-sharp on the M10-R, I figured far fewer megapixels might make it look better. Nope, not even stopped down, except at infinity. Wide open it was not terrible, but after yesterday’s shots with the 90mm APO, the 75mm didn’t compare well at all.

Digressing a bit, I’ve read numerous comparisons of the ‘lux with the R 80mm ‘lux, with most favoring the M variant. Not so IME, as I got some unreal fine details with the 80mm ‘lux on an a7r IV some time back. Veiling flare on both, plenty. But more fine details with the R lens.

Before I trundle off the 75mm, I’ll give it a workout on the M10-R using the EVF to see if my RF focusing skill was an issue.

That is, if I can put down the M9 for long enough . . . 🥴

M9/24mm f3.8 Elmar-M
M9/75mm Summilux-M