Choices . . .

With a really good prime and a really good zoom, both with plenty of reach, in the arsenal, it would seem that gear issues would be settled at least for the near future, right? Nope.

The zoom, with spectacular optics, makes occasional baffling misfocuses, even though it’s paired with a body that never misses with lesser lenses. And the prime, which is damn near perfect, doesn’t have a good, practical, up-to-date option for a body to pair it with. Without going to a Z7 II or a Z9, neither of which I trust, the Z fc appears to be not the best, but the least bad choice.

No matter what I compare it with, my mind quickly goes back to the fact that its AF is accurate, no small feat for a body with a Nikon badge. It occurred to me as an afterthought yesterday that shutter blackout is rather heinous, as I had to take the setup down after each shot to follow the critter’s jumping around.

A DSLR would eliminate that, but it would otherwise be like going back in time. An APS-C OVF seems tiny now. And while a full-frame OVF would be great, anything with enough megapixels would weigh a ton—before even considering AF inaccuracy. A radical option would be to ditch the PF lens in favor of the Z-mount 100-400mm. That might buy some improved overall function, but who knows what its optics are like? I haven’t seen any reviews touting its capabilities.

So . . . status quo . . . at least for the moment . . .

R5/RF 100-500mm