Choices . . .

Out with the 7D II in the morning, I managed to get a few shots, through foliage, of some sort of unknown warbler, posted below. Good thing I’d read the instructions, which is why I was certain I had the right AF area for the capture. The camera continues to impress.

By contrast, the a6400, with which I was previously content, now seems to be sluggish with a dim EVF (on the brightest setting) after shooting the 7D II. Whereas the Sony setup seemed reasonably okay for long walks, it felt bulky and fiddlesome after shooting the morning with the more compact, though equally heavy, 7D II setup.

And after enjoying the “old tech” IS of the 100-400mm which gives a rock-solid finder even with the TC attached, it seemed that even a much-needed breeze hitting the Sony’s hood had me cutting off critters’ little legs in the frame.

TBH, most times I see the 200-600mm in the field in these parts, it’s affixed to a tripod or monopod. On the first day I carried it, I told myself that it’s a “go somewhere and sit” kind of lens. Trouble is, there’s nowhere one can do that in any semblance of a peaceful environment around here.

Oh, well, maybe the hood stays home next time. It’s way too good a lens to sit idle.

7D II/100-400mm IS II/EF 1.4X III