CL #2 . . .

With parks and gardens too packed on weekends for critter-stalking, it was a good chance to visit some old haunts for known-target shooting with the newly-arrived CL.

Having resumed using a grip with the camera since I acquired the first copy, I decided to add a thumbie to this one, as it will see mostly outdoor use with heavier glass. It makes a nice difference when handling the 180mm/2X combo.

With a good 2X copy this time, the combo’s resolution seemed limited only by my ability to fine-focus it, not helped by a jumpy, unstabilized EVF at full magnification. Resolution was astounding, rendering clear details that several much longer lenses I’ve used previously couldn’t resolve. The clincher was the tonal palette of the combo. It leaves me conspiring to add some longer R glass so that I can have roughly the same AOV on the SL2-S—with stabilization.

Interestingly, this CL copy also shows no sign of heating, leaving me to wonder if, on the previous copies, the problem occurred only with autofocus lenses.

Looks like that’ll remain unanswered . . .

CL/180mm APO-Elmarit-R/APO-Extender-R 2X
CL/180mm APO-Elmarit-R/APO-Extender-R 2X