Convincing . . .

Finally with some moderate overcast weather that wasn’t so hot, I headed out with the R7 and RF 100-500mm. And, yes, several of my old friends showed up today, along with a couple of new ones.

Is it amazing or is it me? The RF 100-500mm seems like a different lens on the R7 compared to how it worked on the R5. It is far better about locking focus, though still not perfect. No lens is in that respect.

Attaching the 1.4X about halfway through my outing, the unwieldiness was no surprise. I had to make sure no one crashed into me from either side whenever others were around. But the image quality was pleasing, the finder was steady, and I got the shot of my old friend (below, uncropped) while trying to keep ISO down, at 1/100.

Looks like this time around it’ll stick.

R7/RF 100-500mm/RF 1.4X