Couldn’t resist . . .

It’s not that the RF100-400mm/2X combo was not good on the R6 II. It was plenty good in good light. But f/16 is a bit of a cripple when the same FL is available at f/11.

After poring over some shots from last year with the RF 600mm, RF 800mm, and both teleconverters, including some shot with the 800 on the original R6, I headed out this morning to get an 800 for the R6 II. Of course it’ll be put to use on the R7 as well—in some shooting situations.

Out on a moderately overcast afternoon, when there should have been plenty of critter friends available, the shots I got were all under canopy. Still, the camera holds the image together almost into stratospheric ISO. Due to the light weight of these lenses, it’s easy enough to carry both the 800 and the 100-400/1.4X, one mounted and one in the bag, so that I have long and somewhat short covered.

The mildly sentimental story behind the creation of the two DO lenses resonated with me when I first read it. There’s an equally nice account of how the design of the plastic tubes came about. It’s nice to have this very capable tool back in the arsenal.

R6 II/RF 800mm f11