Criteria, a digression . . .

Most people have the luxury of choosing their gear purely on the basis of what they (want to) shoot. Although I don’t like to digress from gear mania on these pages, a few readers may have wondered why I make some of the choices I do.

For instance, when I had direct access (well, sort of) to the mud flat earlier this year, I could walk for long periods of time while carrying physically long lenses. But for moving around other places in these parts, things like population density, available transportation, venue permissions, etc. often affect my choices.

Most people here have little concept of personal space. At best, they are largely careless, and perhaps malicious at worst, when gear is exposed. Bicycles, both powered and pedaled, speed around where they’re not permitted by law with alarming frequency, often with disastrous results.

Not just gear, but also straps/harnesses must be chosen so as to keep gear directly in front of me, and without exceeding the width of my torso. A lens heavy enough to carry cross-body must be suitably short, which contributed to my decision to pass on the Canon 100-500mm lens.

Weather, manifest most often in the form of downpours that at times come without warning, is a major factor as well.

But the biggest environmental influence at the moment is critters’ loss of habitat. That’s why the longest lens currently in my arsenal is but 180mm, albeit extendable X2. There’s no need for anything longer when there are so few opportunities.

Perhaps all of this is starting to make limited access to travel worth jumping through all the covid hoops . . .

CL/60mm APO-Macro-Elmarit-TL