Dangling a carrot . . .

. . . in front of someone for too long might cause them to have a taste for an apple instead.

Realizing that’s what was happening with the RF 100-500mm lens, with no one—not even the local Canon office—really knowing when the next shipment will arrive, a new EF 100-400mm sits mounted on my EOS R now. The extender will follow as soon as I can find one I can put my hands on rather than a promise of one “tomorrow.”

With 3+ inches of rain this morning (yes, THREE) and a busy afternoon, another blast from the past image has to suffice today. I won’t be seeing critters like this until I can travel again, but at least I now have something good to capture them with when that time comes.

EOS 80D/100-400mm IS II
Rainbow Bee Eater