Decisions . . .

With more downtime, and in sight of freedom only in another day or two, seeing what I can get with the a6400/100-400mm GM combo has been supplanted by seeing what I got in the past. As I recall, animal AF was kinda there, but far below what the R6 can do. Still, it could do birds in flight reasonably well, as can be seen in another shot from the archives below.

When it comes to cameras, I’m more decisive about when and what to get rid of than I am about what to acquire. As good as the A7 IV looks on paper, I recall that every time I’ve started with Sony APS-C and either added or switched to FF, I’ve ended up changing systems later.

And with Canon surely my choice for my main system brand, I’ve started looking at the R7 more closely again. The test for that one will be when DPP finally updates to handle the files, and I can find some decent raw samples to download and try.

The concerns to be overcome, in addition to potential noise, are the camera’s f/5.1 diffraction-limited aperture, my reluctance to add yet another 2.4mp EVF, and the fact that I’m well-satisfied with the r5 as a sort of “everything” camera. Canon currently offers a lucrative pre-order bundle, but the A7 IV comes with a couple of perks, too.

One thing for sure: there’s been plenty of time to read these past few days . . .

a6400/100-400mm GM