Detour . . .

With a 400mm f/5.6 option in the arsenal, and in search of an extender that can make it a 280mm f/4, the notion of relative reach got to stirring in my head. Actually there were a few other things stirring, too (see my long-ago entry on “justification”); not the least of which was the entry-level feel of the R10, in spite of its considerable capabilities.

To make a long story short, an R7 got added to the lineup. Not wanting to sacrifice the a7 IV (just yet, anyway), it occurred to me that the reason I’m not shooting the a6500 is because anything shot above ISO 800 is pretty abysmal. Thank the CL for making Sony’s 24mp sensor look great, and Sony’s APS-C cameras look bad. So the a6500 is in the outbox to be offloaded.


When one hears the term “stray cat,” the notions of neglect and perhaps abandonment often occur. In the case of the feline below, and the several dozen that share his turf, the expanse of a fairly large urban park in Bangkok, nothing could be further from an accurate depiction.

These are probably the best-loved cats on the planet. People bring them food and spend time with them. If one is injured, park staff will take it to be cared for. Sure, they’re strays. But they have tens of thousands of owners, and it shows in their gentle, trusting demeanor.

R5/EF 200mm f2.8/EF 1.4X