Did I say . . . ?

The R10 arrived late morning, but other matters kept me from it until a short while ago, early evening. There’s only been enough time to point it out the window for a few shots with the RF 100-400mm in fading light. And speaking of “light,” a quick tip of the scale shows that the setup is a feathery 1.11kg, amazing for a 640mm AOV.

Of course the raw files can’t be displayed by IOS Photos, but here’s where DPP Express really shines, wiping a lot of noise away in the second or so that it takes for the shot to load. Autofocus, supposedly trickled down from the R3, will surely provide me with yet another learning curve in an area in which I have precious little patience.

Fortunately there are a couple of clicks on the dial for shooting profiles, as well as other features that are typically seen only on mid- to upper-tier cameras. It is obvious that Canon wants to reel in new photographers whose appetites were whetted by the convenience of handphones, and now want to step up a few notches.

It’s not an R6 or R5, but for the price point it has a reassuringly robust feel to it. With cooperative weather and a schedule tweak, it’ll hopefully get put to the test in the field tomorrow.

R5/RF 85mm f2