Diminishing criteria . . .

The thought process started with which brand and model, widened to which focal length, then disintegrated to whether more reach is even worth it in present times. Focus has now shifted to which cameras, geared to what purposes. Which probably will change again once the glass topic is resurrected. Oh, well . . .

Wasting no time with the existing tools, a rare sunny afternoon put me in touch with some Asian Glossy Starlings, one of whom graces the second shot below. A familiar cantakerous set of joyful noises got my attention from above, where three Hill Mynas were grinding away hungrily on some berries.

Supposedly extinct here for many years now, victim of the pet trade, I suppose these make the short flight over from one of the Indonesian islands in search of food. When tamed, they are among the best avian mimics of human speech, and have one hell of a sense of humor to go along with it.

What a treat it was to encounter these delightful friends on such a nice day, for a change!

SL2-S/180mm APO-Elmarit-R/APO-Extender-R 2X
SL2-S/180mm APO-Elmarit-R/APO-Extender-R 2X