Doesn’t stop me from hoping . . .

Earlier this year I posted about what I learned regarding the future of Leica’s APS-C line. Shortly thereafter, I ditched my CL, a much-loved camera that sadly wasn’t quite robust enough for the critter-chasing for which I mostly wanted to use it.

Even with the state-of-the-art R6 and several of its very capable lenses, there are times I still long for Leica’s IQ with the 180mm APO and 2X. History bears me out when I look through my archives, as many of my best shots were taken with that combo on various APS-C cameras.

So, in spite of the authority with which my friend from the Holy Land of Wetzlar delivered his pronouncement many months ago, I still have hope that sometime, somewhere, there will be a CL3. Given Leica’s penchant for re-using names, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the CL3 moniker one day attached to a compact full-frame ILC.

And if it happens, the 180mm APO is still here waiting . . .

EOS R6/RF 100-400mm
EOS R6/RF 100-400mm