Done. And the resolution . . .

With time running out, the last two pieces of the puzzle got added today. Lucky to find both in the same shop, a Visoflex 020 for the inbound TL2 and an 18mm Elmarit-TL are now in the arsenal.

Why the rush? A resolution for 2023, which will hopefully enable me to put the focus back on photography and content creation rather than gear. Here goes:

No selling off any camera or lens during 2023.

No trading away or otherwise replacing any camera or lens during 2023 unless it becomes nonfunctional beyond practical repair.

Acquiring new lenses is allowed.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. How far into the year can this resolution be kept? I confess to not being optimistic, but have do have hopes of replacing a long spate of gear lust with some rejuvenated creativity.

SL2/18mm Elmarit-TL