“Empty branch” day . . .

With a Nikon body that focuses with critical accuracy . . . ummm, most of the time . . . its less favorable features have managed to escape scrutiny—until this afternoon.

With not much other than sunbirds available, the camera had fits trying to capture any of them with the 500mm PF. Sure, everything was in foliage, but spot focus should have done better. It hunted, froze, cycled two or three times before latching onto the wrong thing, etc.

Meanwhile, a Crimson Sunbird who gave me five or six decent chances completely escaped capture. And a few other sunbirds. I had about ten or twelve shots of empty branches they’d perched on while the camera hunted until they’d flown.

But what alternative is there? One of the discontinued DSLR bodies? Certainly not a brick of a D500. A D7500 might be an option, but where to find one that’s not a refurbished defective or worse? It’s great to finally have a lens like the 500mm PF in the arsenal, but it would be even better to have a camera that can manage it.

Some thinking to do . . . just when I thought I had it all settled!

Z fc/500mm PF