Out with the R6 and 800mm in a cut-short morning walk, I was floored when I pointed the lens towards a backlit, dark-colored raptor friend perched in a tree at least 120 yards away, and the camera quickly put a focus point on the critter’s eye!

Seems that a better option than adding an a9 would be adding some really good native RF glass. Trouble is, outside the already-nixed 100-500mm and the two untouchable fast primes, there isn’t anything. I keep reminding myself that there’s nothing wrong with the shots I’ve been getting from the RF 800mm. Let’s see how it handles feather details once the hood arrives, which should be in the next day or two.

The afternoon walk with Sony was cut short by a fast-approaching thunderstorm (that time of year), but I still managed to get a shot or two . . .

R6/RF 800mm f11
a6400/200-600mm G