Feast day . . .

. . . well, sort of.

When the rain lightened to a drizzle in the early afternoon, I grabbed the Canon setup and headed out the door, figuring critters might be a bit more active in the cooler weather.

Turns out they were. It gave me a chance to see more of what others have seen in the RF 100-500mm. Not only does it capture like a prime, but like a really good prime. Feather details so far are at least as good as, maybe even a bit better than its predecessor.

The only catch is that on a day like today, even four-digit ISO starts to become wishful thinking. Both shots below are ISO 12800. Fortunately the camera turns out a good enough raw file that Topaz can take care of the rest.

Never thought I’d be saying this, but nowadays it’s Nikon that sucks with noise handling. Another reason it never hurts to have more than one option . . .

R5/RF 100-500mm (Pin-striped Tit-babbler)
R5/RF 100-500mm (Juvenile Pied Fantail)