Figuring it out . . .

About to head out the door this afternoon, choosing gear wasn’t easy. Logic said the 500mm PF, but the snag was which camera to use with it. Initially happy with the D7500 but reluctant to let go of the Z fc, a couple of things dawned on me.

While I’ve not yet seen evidence that the D7500’s mechanical shutter slap has frightened any critters away, some critter friends I haven’t had a chance to shoot with it yet won’t stand for it. The bigger thing is that the EVF can preview exposure, important when the shot is either captured in one or two clicks or not at all.

So keen to put the Z fc back into action am I that I’m considering ditching the one-trick pony 500mm PF for a multi-talented Z 100-400mm. Or maybe not. Everything depends on what happens with the RF stuff first. So far, nothing; still “tesing” [sic].

So which camera did I choose today? The CL, of course, with the Sigma. As long as I don’t get frustrated with the abysmally low keeper rate (and assuming the critters take pity on me and stay perched for a few seconds longer), that setup’ll bring home some nice images.

CL/Sigma 100-400mm