Finding the performance . . .

After checking on a few secondhand 7D II’s, I was encouraged in a way to see that people who’ve owned these cameras have really put them to use–so much so that I decided to bite the bullet and get a new copy.

Wondering if I’d made yet another bonehead buying decision, the first five minutes in the field told me I had not. Suddenly, the “bad copy” I got of the 1.4X extender III looked good. The camera’s “old” tech enables only center-point AF at f/8, and I shot almost everything today with the extender attached. Somehow the “old” tech had no problem nailing a lapwing in flight (first shot below). AF is a little slow to acquire at f/8; but like white on rice once it’s got the subject (as long as I keep up!).

Reviews all claim that the 90D is better than the 7D II in almost every way. Maybe it is on paper. But it’s just the opposite in the field. The 200 grams or so of extra weight are worth it.

Great first outing . . . let’s see how long the honeymoon endures!

7D II/100-400mm IS II/1.4X Extender III
7D II/100-400mm IS II/1.4X Extender III