Finding what works . . .

The best bird photography choice I’ve made so far this year occurred away from the field. Giving up on trying to shoehorn Leica L gear into the pursuit is very likely what revived my interest in it.

I am grateful to my friend from the Holy Land of Wetzlar for telling me in very plain-spoken terms that Leica has no intention of making anything longer than 280mm: “That’s what the alliance is for!”

Following a couple of website threads where Leica L-mount users display their mostly mediocre, detail-lacking bird shots has reinforced the validity of my choice—for me, anyway. Don’t get me wrong; Leica is head and shoulders above the pack when its products are used within their limitations. Case in point: many of my best bird photos, even BIF, were made with decades-old R-mount lenses and manual focus.

But I’ll go a step further than my friend did when it comes to shooting long with more modern gear: That’s what other brands are for!

7D II/100-400mm IS II