For what?

Probably from sheer habit rather than for any other reason, my eyes recently started wandering around to see what long glass is available for L-mount. As best I can tell, save for the upcoming Sigma 60-600mm, I’ve already tried them all.

With it being a rare good afternoon for a walk on familiar turf, I headed out the door with the SL2 and Lumix 70-300mm. Birds were scarce, but I managed to find a few of the usual critter friends. And with 1:2 close-up capability in the lens, I had more than usual interest in my dragonfly and butterfly pals, but not the best luck finding them.

Out in the field, my mind constantly drifted back to all the great subject matter I had at every turn in Bangkok, and how much I enjoyed shooting it. Aside from an entertaining interlude with a pair of Hill Myna friends, my afternoon stroll was little more than a walk with a camera strapped on.

The 70-300mm is nowhere near long enough for dedicated birding. But it’s an extremely good lens for what it can do. And if I need longer than that, then . . . for what?

SL2/Lumix S 70-300mm